Christmas Paper Crafting

We got copies of a Swedish craft book called Julpynt, Christmas Crafting for fold, cut and paste nerds like you and me. And it’s filled with pretty patterned papers.

Folding Paper Stars by iHanna, Photo Copyright Hanna Andersson
Christmas Paper Crafting by iHanna, more ideasat

Book cover of a Swedish Craft book called Julpynt, on www.ihanna.nuMy favorites from this book are the garland stripes with owls, penguins and squirrels in winter wear like knitted scarfs and hats (illustrated by Caroline Johansson)…

The folding ideas in the book are simple and easy to make. They are also pre-printed on the pages, so all you have to do is pull a page out and fold it. We made stars, hearts, paper garlands, snow flakes, angels and there is still plenty of papers left for another time. My brain doesn’t really work for origami, but here I had both clear instructions and lines to follow. I liked the starts the most. And we listened to Christmas carols, had coffee, glögg and lussebulle while the candles flickered through the evening…

It is beginning to look at lot like Christmas…

Making a Christmas Paper Garland by iHanna, Photo Copyright Hanna Andersson
Paper Crafting with the family
Coffee and glögg by iHanna, Photo Copyright Hanna Andersson
Cutting Papers by iHanna, Photo Copyright Hanna Andersson


Wishing you a weekend of Christmas Crafting and calmness. Take care of yourself and your family.

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