The fab fabrics I got in the Fabulous Fabric Swap became a Quilted Laptop Bag! A quilt-as-you-go-bag! And QAYG is indeed an abbreviation to remember. A bit like crazy quilting, but with a more instant quilted look.

QAYG and Selvedge detail
Details of Quilted Laptop Bag, sewn and quilted by iHanna

I was inspired by Flutter Kat’s tutorial on How to make a Quilt As You Go anything. Seeing the pictures of her quilting process made me want to try this method at once, so I did.

I sewed cut pieces of fabric directly to one big piece of fabric wadding that fit around my turquoise laptop + lid. I kept adding pieces until one side was totally covered, then quilted it and added some details before i sewed it into a bag (no lining). Here is the finished thing, front, back and open:

Quilted Laptop Bag by iHanna
Backside of QAYG Computer bag
Laptop Bag with laptop inside

I used about one third of the fabrics I received in the swap, and some pieces from my stash and those selvedges found in a box on my shelf. I really think that the selvedge perfects this project, and will use more of those in the future (maybe my next project will be only selvedges – if I can find enough of them). I’m also pretty sure there will be more projects from these fabrics. The bag is made to fit my small laptop, the one that I use it for typing when I’m not at home, like when commuting, traveling or having a writing day at a caf somewhere. I haven’t had a bag for it so far, but now I’ve finally made one and I think it turned out so sweet!

Open QAYG Computer Bag (no lining)

The wadding fabric is fluffy and soft like fleece, so I opted out any kind of lining. I kind of like the rough look as you know.

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And let me know what you think!