A project of Drawing Tiny Treasures by iHanna of www.ihanna.nu

I’m calling this new project Drawing Tiny Treasures. My intention is to fill the entire book with drawings of small things from my home. Those things that I have loved for years (and probably blogged about at some point in the past). Things that I maybe am not noticing as much any more. Or things that are new around here that I’m crushing on. Also, the idea is to document the things that might, or might not, be around in 10 or 20 years from now.

But most importantly, as with any project I start, there is a need to be creative. A longing to draw, not big landscapes or portraits of people, but small objects that will not pose a challenge I can’t take on.

Lisa Larsson Coffee Cup drawn by iHanna (copyright Hanna Andersson)

A Lisa Larsson Cup. It’s where I keep the plastics straws, and a used drink umbrella.

On the left page I journaled a little about this thrifted cup, that I never use for coffee because it’s actually broken (but I can’t throw it away either because I love the illustrations).

Drawing Tiny Treasures started in January, and will be ongoing until the entire book is filled. I will let you know how it progresses. Remember how I showed you the cover of my Miss Kitten Heart Sketchbook last week? Well this is the very first two pages.

I really like them, and that is a surprise to me because I don’t think of myself as someone who draws or sketches… I don’t even think I can, but well, I might…

Do you have a specific sketchbook for drawing?