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So, after finishing the big 365 Collage project I did last year I have been mulling over new ideas around here. I am working with my one word of the year (willpower), and in January it was a huge success. In February (so far) not as much, because I am once again without a day job and it is hard to be on your own sometimes. Discipline and willpower become opponents in an inner (extremely aggressive) war, and I sometimes stick my head in the sand and wish for it to be over. What I want to do is one thing, what I wish I had already done (yesterday!) another and what I actually do a third thing. But that’s not what I wanted to write about, instead I wanted to share what I have created in January 2014 – a miniature art journal! This tiny book just “happened” and as all good things that simply happen it was easy, effortless and a lot of fun!

January Mini Book: Heart & Sun

I started by laying down a background layer of paint on strips of scrap watercolor paper (all leftovers from cutting squares for collage last year). Each strip was cut in half and then folded, creating a tiny book that measures 8 x 11 centimeters (3.1 x 4.3 inches), about palm size. Love to work in miniature books, or booklets as I like to call them! And because I filled the entire book of 16 pages not counting the front (four folded pages in total) in January, I simply named it January 2014 and thought:

– Hmm… Maybe this is the first miniature art journal of 12 this year? Well, at least it could be. Let’s just see how it goes, shall we?

January Mini Book: Heart and Sun
The first spread has a blue heart and a sun, and it is a little different than the rest of the pages in the book. Because I did a lot of collage last year I have been feeling a longing to paint, draw, doodle and play with blending fun colors. So I have made a little face on each page of the book, most of them kind-of-self-portraits in one way or other.

January Mini Book: Smiling Gal

I am really in love with this tiny book, and can’t wait to start another one, similar or on another theme.

January Mini Book: Green Haired Boy

I love how every time I sit down something surprising comes out… Something I had no idea was inside of me.

January Mini Book: Second Spread

I love how happy this book, and each drawing, makes me.

January Mini Book: Third Spread

It might sound egocentric, but in a way, all things I create are self portraits. Portraits of my inside, of my feeling, of my smile or my loneliness. I think it’s good to let what is inside come out, on paper, fabric or in writing. Let your inside shine through – and let other people see it!

January Mini Book: Heart & Shining Ghost Man

Thanks for letting me share my miniature art journal with you guys! Do you make booklets too, or will you make one this month?

You can find the rest of the pages in my next post. xoxoxo