Keri made a Mini book that started with a shopping list, and since all her work inspires me, I wanted to make one myself. She also encourage that on her site.

Front cover of my Mini book

It was really easy and fun, and I enjoyed the process of making my first mini book with collage scraps.

Page 5 - 6

Keri’s instructions:

Make a small book. Start with the cover, taking a drawing or painting or photograph for your visual material. For the words on the first page, use a grocery list from the last time you went to the market. Let that book grow – one thing leading to another – until the last page.

Page 7 - 8

I started mine with a shopping list on the front page, since I didn’t read the instructions before starting the little book but earlier in the summer. But that’s okay. Anyhow is fine. Just do it! ;-)

Page 14 - 15

Keri got this idea from a book which you can read about at her blog from this summer. She has also included it in her great list 100 ideas to be more creative!

Meb has also made a small book!

You can view all my minibook pages at flickr!