iHanna's First Autumn Mandala sideview

Last week I found the hashtag #höstmandala (at instagram) and was amazed. Such creativity and inspiration there is to be found out there, when you know where to look. I love this kind of phenomenon where no one can claim copyright to the idea, and it can spread like wildfire. The whole point is to take it and use it, make your own version. Be inspired!

So what am I talking about? Höstmandala is Swedish for Autumn Mandala, and of course I felt a huge urge to go out and make my own version of this! So out I went, with a bag and my camera to gather & save. When I came home I arranged my own autumn mandala. Here it is:

iHanna's Autumn Mandala, October 2013. Copyright Hanna Andersson

What will your mandala look like?