Summer Crush | Sitting by the Water


I’ve already written about outdoor creating sitting by the water, so this is a photo post, in case you need some nature inspiration today.


Reed Mirror

I have a Summer Crush on: sitting in silence by the water, waiting for the sun to come out of the clouds. Or for the sun to set behind the trees.

Being in Summer

Meditating on the beauty of life.

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4 Responses to Summer Crush | Sitting by the Water

  1. Jana says:

    wonderful… nature sure has lots of love for us

    I would have commented on almost all of your last posts, but I need to set time limits on my ‘play time’. So, please, consider yourself showered with comments of agreement and awe :)

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks Jana, I appreciate you going back and looking through the posts and letting me know you did. I love photography so much. Hope you got some good ones from your holiday!

  2. Nancy Lee says:

    What is the weather like now for you?
    I am in Jacksonville, Florida USA
    It was 100 degrees, with humitity making it 105 degrees.
    Your view sounds wonderful! Love the lily pads!

    • iHanna says:

      Wow, that is hot Nancy Lee, we almost never get that kind of temperature in Sweden. Today the sun is out again, and it’s 18 Degrees Celsius here, that is about 64 farenheit. Kind of late summer feeling that autumn is closing in… :-) Thanks for your comment about the photo!

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