Why a Whole Day of Silence is Bliss

Sola, läsa, njuta
I think spending time on my own is awesome, and a whole day of silence is bliss to me.

When I read the article 23 Signs You’re Secretly an Introvert (even though it’s not a secret that I am a quite introverted) I found this reminder timely:

One of the most fundamental characteristics of introverts is that they need time alone to recharge their batteries. Whereas an extrovert might get bored or antsy spending a day at home alone with tea and a stack of magazines, this sort of down time feels necessary and satisfying to an introvert.

The article also states that many introverts are writers, and that sure is true for me. I feel like something is missing from my soul when I can’t express my thoughts in writing.

Introverts are often better at communicating in writing than in person, and many are drawn to the solitary, creative profession of writing. Most introverts say that they feel most creatively charged when they have time to be alone with their thoughts.

Book recommendation of the day: Living introverted.

Do you recognize yourself in any of this?

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  1. I am the same way, love some quiet time to myself, never bored either!! Love these pictures, looks like a great way to spend a Sunday or any day.

    Happily started some collaging this week. Have a couple questions about yours please.

    1. what size is your collages?
    2. do you organize your scraps for these or just grab what’s inspiring at the moment?
    3. what adhesive do you use? I’ve been using a glue stick and hoping it’s strong enough to last.
    Thanks so much for sharing your collages and inspiring me to start them. Thinking I will share them on my blog once a month or more depending on how I do. Love seeing yours here, makes me smile!!
    Happy Sunday!

    • Hi Dawn,
      thanks for all your lovely comments and sharing your enthusiasm with me. It’s contagious! I plan to write a post about some details of this project, but thought I’d answer your questions quickly first. They are:

      1. 12,5×12,5 centimeters (4.92×4.92 inches)

      2. I move my materials around a lot on my desk, and most of the time I just sit down and grab what is nearest. That scrap will inform me of what I need next. Sometimes the next bit is close by, other times I dig through some box or folder to find the right thing. :-)

      3. I love my glue stick! I use different brands all the time, buying what is available and cheap – and they’ve all held together good through the years for me. I can’t live without glue sticks!

      Let me know if you have more questions. Good luck with your project too!

  2. Oh my, just the title of your post…why a whole day of silence is bliss…probably for me because a whole day of silence is an unattainable dream! :-) Looks lovely.

  3. Silence is oh so absolutely perfect – the best weekends are when the three boys (husband included) decide to go away motorbike riding and I have the house to myself for two whole blissful days.

  4. oh, yes, I need to stay alone to recharge my batteries. I’ve alwys known I’m an introvert. Society urges you to be less introvert, to see people, stay in company, etc etc. And although these things are good (even for me), sometimes all we need to do is following our nature and stay alone!

  5. I get really fidgety and annoyed when my husband has a 3 week vacation. I need an empty house to concentrate and get some real work done, even when it’s “only” my hobbies. I never have the radio on. Today I even turned off all the phones, just in case! Feels great.

    I haven’t read the book you link to, but I also recommend “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” by Susan Cain (she also has a TED talk)

  6. Wow Hanna, jag läser just nu, Introvert,den tysta revolutionen av Linus Jonkman. Plötsligt förstår jag varför jag som älskar människor och att kommunicera mer och mer vill vara för mig själv. Helst en stund varje dag med mig själv, då fixar jag det mesta.
    Datorn har blivit som ett staket runt mig som jag fäller upp och sjunker in i bloggar mm. Tror att bloggande och fotograferande är ett utmärkt sätt att vara för en introvert.
    Tack för tips om boken.

    • Ingrid, jag såg boken i bokhandeln och hoppas den är bra?! Det behövs ju verkligen en bok om det här ämnet även på svenska. På engelska finns det MASSVIS med böcker om hur det är att vara introvert och/eller extrovert, förstås. Det var flera år sedan jag lärde mig om det här, och det har hjälpt mig mycket.

      Håller med om att datorn är ett bra staket, liksom det egna skapandet när man helt går in i sitt projekt och glömmer tid och rum. :-)


    • I loved Susan’s TED talk too – it’s SO good to be able to say – look, I just need some time to myself and know you’re not being selfish; it’s what I need to recharge!

  7. We seldom have a “whole” day of silence in our busy lives, that when it does happen, we are just carried away. I can get so much done, lots of time to think, read and as you said, “just be blissful” and thankful.

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