365 collages in 2013

So, are you doing 365 creative creations in 2013? Come along and join me!

It’s not to late to start today or this weekend, if you too want a creative project for 2013! Remember that the year is long but life is short. Giving it a try is not something you will regret! Even if you fail you’ll be glad you tried and learn a lot about yourself. I’m feeling more creative already, taking the time away from working to do a little paper cutting too.

Cutting papers for Collage

I’m committed to making 365 collages! Or at least I’m going to try. I’m going to give it my best this year. I’m so loving that it’s not a daily have-to-do thing, instead I’m trying to think of it as a weekly challenge of 7 collages. Daily does so not suit me! Even if I want to create every single day, I don’t. Some evenings I read a book from my pile of awesome novels. Some evenings I want to watch TV and do embroidery all night, not at all get up to bring out the glue stick. I need that kind of freedom, though I also need this challenge to give me some guidance and stamina when I need it.

Squares for Collages

I have prepared a whole stack of aquarel papers (300 gram fine grain) cut up into squares. This will be my foundation for the collages in January. When I did a similar thing in 2008, I started out with square papers for the first time, and I’m hooked since then. It’s my thing now. But it’s been sooo long since I did a year long challenge (known as the Daily Art Cards) that I can’t believe I actually managed. I started decided, went into the project full on and with my whole heart – and finished. Yes I did them all! It was a leap year so I have a pile here somewhere with 366 cards in it! A whole lot of those I don’t like, and many I would never call “art”, but let’s forget about those. They’re history. This is now!

It’s time to make a new stack!

If you are jumping into the 365 in 2013 challenge read Michelle’s advice on How To Complete a 365 Challenge! She will be creating characters/creatures! She writes:

First and foremost, I wouldn’t attempt this sort of challenge if I wasn’t already firmly rooted in creating every day. If you haven’t already developed a “create each day” habit, then make that your 365 goal. That is a challenge just by itself.

A great advice, and several more where that one came from!

Link button to 365 creations in 2013I’ve made a link button for your blog if you need it. Please upload it to your blog/site and link it to this post! I’ve made a custom one for me, that says I’m doing collages and you’re more than welcome to that one if you too are into collage this year (it’s in the sidebar to the right). Just let me know where you put it and I’ll come visit. Thanks!

Also let me know what your challenge this year will be about, 365 or not! I’d be happy to have you accompany me along the way. I’ve made my third collage today, so I’m on track so far. And probably this week will be the only time I can say that! ;-)

Read more about this challenge in my first post mentioned by Sister Diane on sulia:

Sulia mention

The hashtag is #365in2013 – on instagram, twitter, flickr and everywhere else.

Have fun!