365 Collages | Week 1

iHanna’s 365 Collages in one year starts now. The first week of 365 Collages in 2013 I made two pink collages, two green, one brown papered, one multi colored – and one b/w.

2013-01-05 Watching from a distance

I really really disliked one of these collages, but I’ve scanned it anyway to share it without comments. Part of doing this many collages is to finish, be content and move on to the next one! I am totally in love with a couple of these too, among my favorites you’ll absolutely find the brown paper one of simplicity.

What do you think? I would love to know which of these is your favorite – and why!?

365 Collages – the Start

My creation
1. A boy called A and 2. Lead me

2013-01-01 Retro Flower
Hover over each one with your mouse for title of each collage.

2013-01-05 In his shade

2013-01-05 On the Edge

I scan all my artwork in highres (300 dpi) and save on the computer. I have also uploaded and added all these to a flickr set called 2013 Collages, and I will post each week (except when I don’t) on the blog too. I highly recommend everyone to document your art making this way too!

Thanks for your visit and comment sweet one!

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20 Responses to 365 Collages | Week 1

  1. Rachel B says:

    365 somethings…what a great idea! I, especially, love the fact that you are making it achievable in that you are not making yourself produce something each and every day! Life gets so busy and then the guilt-trip descends when one doesn’t achieve the goals.
    You have inspired me to try and start on doing something creative on a regular basis :) Although, I am already nine days late this year…LOL!

  2. “Watching from a distance”, I would call it “why is this owl hovering?”. Like this the least.

    “In his shade” is lovely. I like the light and dark contrast, and I like texts, and it has a beautiful composition.

  3. totally agree that part of the exercise is accepting and moving on. I know I’m not going to love all 365 of mine, but I know I’m going to vastly improve my skills over the course of the year, and come out with some clear favorites. I think my overall favorite from this week is the pink owl on the green background. But I absolutely love the empty silhouette next to the head of the man, and now I want to play around with that idea.

  4. I have two favorites. I’m really drawn by the color green and especially leaves, etc. so I like the last one with the toad/frog. I also really like the black and white one. Like the grid feel of it and the text and juxtaposition of the flower.

  5. raylee says:

    hi hanna,
    i like “in his shade” the best…….the composition leads the eye around the picture, like the black & white with a bit of colour & the different patterns work!

  6. laurie says:

    this was really difficult! i finally had to think, “which one would i buy to put up in a special place in my house?” and i chose “lead me”. but, like i said, i really love looking at all of them for different reasons.

  7. Chris says:

    I like the black and white the most. But they are all close behind it. I think I like the men’s faces the least. The feeling I get from the black and white is balance. I love the way the elements are arranged. And the quote is really meaningful. I never require words on a collage to appreciate it, but these seemed to go with the directness and order of the black and white. I find, since I’m also a bookkeeper, that order is sometimes appealing to me. Which is odd, since I love to work on abstract art.
    Thanks for sharing your week, Hanna.

  8. Irma says:

    Oh…I really like the green one with the toad…Well, I must say, I always love your work and the challenge you have set yourself is very inspiring! Keep on going! – Irma

  9. Kim Mailhot says:

    I love “in his shade” for its delicate palette and subject, and I adore the pink owl of “watching form a distance”.
    I cheer you on in your awesome art challenge, Hanna ! You go, Girl !

  10. My favourite is “lead me”, because it’s “evocative” (my brain finds different meanings) and I like that it seems to have two horizontal limits (up and down) that make the composition well structured and quiet. I also love the colors and all that floating pink drops (it seems magic powder)!

  11. linda sue says:

    Absolutely LOVE the man stepping back from himself- that is AWESOME and could represent all sort of of ideas! LOVE all of them but that is my fave! Well done, YOU!

  12. Lay Hoon says:

    Cool project !!
    Love your collages, especially the on the edge is my favorite.

  13. Andrea says:

    I’m going to challenge myself too. But to at least one/week. I made one today and will post it soon.
    Regarding your collages, I love the different kinds of text in the black and white one. I love the intense colors of the pinkish/orange one with the flower in the center (the name thing didn’t seem to be working for me). I found the men a little creepy and severe.

  14. Caatje says:

    Retro Flower is my absolute favorite. Because it’s so pink and flowery.

  15. Kare says:

    I love reading your blog–it’s given me lots of inspiration. I love owls, so the one with the owl is my favorite. I also like the black and white one.

  16. Carin says:

    A boy called A feels most Hanna to me (like your “usual”, if there is such a thing, style), but I love lead me and in his shadow.

  17. anna maria says:

    “Lead me” is my favorite, maybe because of its mysterious quality or that red around the image on the right.
    I’m debating joining the challenge, but think mine would be more around the lines of the “365 somethings” you mentioned elsewhere!

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  19. Cody Doll says:

    This is just amazing. I love all these. I wish you still had some to sell.

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