You begin with the possibilities of the material.
Robert Rauschenberg

2013-01-14 Spring Bouquet I

Last week I noticed I was finding my way back (very unintentional) to dots and circles, a theme that followed me through 2012. Right now I’m in experimental mode, trying many different things but also, indulging in my favorite colour.

Collage: Being Myself

Collage: Mind the Step

Hover over the image to know the title of each collage, and then let me know your favorite(s) in the comments! Thanks!

2013-01-14 A Grand Year it is
Experimenting. I’ve made purple collage, a colour I never every use or even like. I decided to push myself by doing something new and it always interesting to see what happens.

2013-01-15 In a black and white bubble
Many of you really liked the first black and white collage I made week 1, and so did I. I will make more, but here is a second one for now.

Collage: Remember me from last year

2013-01-12 Encoded Message

It’s so fun to see the 365 somethings inspire. I’m following along with Chris, Karen and Tammy and a few others that are doing the challenge along with me.

How is yours going?

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