You do not know if is possible for you to do commit to making art every day for a whole month until you have made the commitment and followed through the whole month. But when you reach your goal you will be oh so happy you gave it a try, and you know it.

The fourth of November marks the start of AEDM collages for a month by iHanna...

These are the four first collages done in November, the Art Every Day Month. I decided to participate this year for the first time and make a piece of art every day. A collage, because collage is my favorite art form.

Art Every Day Month 2010I like knowing that I should plan time for art making, no matter what other things I have to do during the day. The time to sit and do a collage is quite time at my desk, with all the little scraps I save for art. I enjoy numbering, naming and signing my collages, just as much this time around as always. Just as much as when I did a whole year of art cards every day back in 2008!

Lots of Art in 2011…

I am thinking about doing such a huge daily project again next year, a Art Every Day 2011. Perhaps. Maybe. Or maybe start small and call it a January project and see if I get into it again, find my way back to the habit once more… I miss making daily artwork, and in the 366 days I did it last time I did not tire of it at all. I did another daily try with poetry and went with it for two months before my energy went down and I stopped. Daily poetry is a bit easier but something different entirely. I am not sure what I am most drawn to just yet. Would you (maybe) be interested in joining me?

Are you already doing something creative daily (art journaling, journaling, doodling, novel writing, everyday art…) during November?

This is collage number one of Art Every Day Month (AEDM):

Collage: Daddy love
Daddy Love, original art collage by iHanna (2010-11-01).

I think he (the shiny dad in the middle) sells oriental mats and isn’t at home very often, but when he is everyone flocks around him and listens to his stories… He tells great stories and illustrates them with his moving hands.

Here are the collages I’ve scanned so far;

Collage: The importance of water
The importance of water, original art collage #2 by iHanna (2010-11-02)

Collage:Tea drinking friend
Tea Drinking Friend, original art collage #3 by iHanna (2010-11-03).

Collage: Butterfly escape artist
Butterfly Escape Artist, original art collage #4 by iHanna (2010-11-04).

I am making my tenth card today and then I will be scanning all of them to show you what they look like. Please check iHanna’s Etsy Shop for available collages, and visit Leah, project manager of Creative Every Day Month. Lots of people are participating for free in this creative event!