21 Secrets starts October 1

Happy first of October you guys!

21 Secrets starts October 1 Today the 21 secrets class open its doors for everyone who has bought the class, but it is not to late to get in right now (or later) if you feel up to it… You visit Connie’s page at Dirty footprints Studio to read about my tissue paper class and all the other 20 classes you will get for the price of one. I hope everyone who comes will feel inspired and playful. I’m also hoping to get feedback on my videos since this is the first time I teach online! Exciting!

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Lately I have been obsessed with labels that are free to download and print. These pencils from Paper Glitter are called back-to-school pencil circle tags. So cute, I don’t need to go back to school to appreciate pencils and stickers… I’ve also printed their skulls for Halloween circle tags! Yum!

I like Cath Holden’s scanned and altered vintage labels and Helen Dadrik’s funny illustrated children’s “property of”-labels! Free stuff is just so much fun, all of these are perfect on or inside notebooks, journals or your diary!

Inspiration Mosaic - September 2010
September inspiration mosaic.

I am inspired by paint swatches and quilted patchwork, by all kinds of grids. By digitally altered photos and illustrations, softened edges, by cut out letters, painted flowers and unusual and humorous embroidery… and so much more.

Click on the image to visit flickr and the individual creators of these beautiful inspirational photos, or view the mosaic big.

Miss Nosy Cat

♥ Oh, and happy birthday to Miss Smilla! Today she is her birthday and she becomes six years old!