Inspiration Mosaic - February 2011

Inspiration Mosaic created from other people’s beautiful flickr photos
that I have added as favorites during February 2011.

Inspiration is everywhere. In little feet on the floor or cold winter noses that can feel the smell of snow in the air… In the white outdoors or the bursts of colors we collect indoors, to decorate our own spaces with…

The Flickr Mosaics I make are all created using Mosaic maker, a free site that I adore. You can view original (maybe set it as desktop background for March).

I am inspired by…

  • beautiful colour combinations
  • my new pitt brush pens
  • little flower doodles all over
  • pink wool yarn that is becoming a scarf
  • turquoise pearls that is becoming a necklace
  • sewing in paper
  • morning pages
  • the above flickr photos
  • making lists

How about you?