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Monochromatic Green Page

The Green spread is the last of the monochromatic pages that I have made so far. Making a monochromatic page is like doing a little colour investigation. I picked up all the green pens from my pen box and it was obvious that green is a colour that I am drawn to, though of course […]

Found typography from the newspaper

The prompt: Use “found typography” as background in your art journal. Cut out text headlines from a newspaper or magazine and glue it on a page to create a background or a text message. Material requirement: found type, adhesive, scissors and journal pages! Related PostsPaint with a Plastic Card Encapsulating time well spent Painting Extra […]

Monochromatic Orange Art Journal Page

Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow. Kandinsky The fourth spread in my Monochromatic Series, and the colour is happy orange. I’m not sure if it is true but I heard that orange is the colour of creativity. When we see this colour it would makes us more creative… it might be true. […]

Details of the whole

Details do create the big picture. I wrote about this Hand Bound Art Journal last spring and considered the promising emptiness of it. I thought I’d go through it quicker, but I’ve been working in other books too so it still has blank watercolour papers to fill. But soon it will be full and I […]

Monochromatic Pink Art Journal Page

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for. Georgia O’Keefe Continuing to paint in The Monochromatic Series, as I’ve come to call it. Art Journal spreads exploring one colour only and the different aspects of that colour. The third […]

View through a dirty window

Summer in full bloom, everywhere. There is abundance and I try to notice it and embrace it. I take more photos in the summer. There are more looking closely at ordinary things happening. More little details of the whole. More documenting what surrounds me today, things that will be gone or changed or different tomorrow. […]

Monochromatic Turqouise Page

The rinse water is color coordinated after painting another monochromatic page! Do you remember the Ruby Red Page in my Art Journal? It was so much fun I decided to go on an explore color a bit more… Time for another almost monochromatic page, this time in turquoise, the colour of 2010. I have tried […]

Evidence Pages

An evidence page is a page in your Art Journal or notebook where you break out new stuff! An Evidence Page is a way to document new art materials. Try it out, make a kind of sampler page to get started using that new material you just bought or got as a gift… This is […]

Washi tape is patterned masking tape

I caved in after lots of inner cravings. I bought “a few” rolls of what is called washi tape in Japanese. It’s really patterned masking tape, and there are all kinds of pretty patterns. Dots, stripes, squares… Some came in “cakes” with ribbon and topping, so cute you could eat them! All of these were […]