An evidence page is a page in your Art Journal or notebook where you break out new stuff! An Evidence Page is a way to document new art materials. Try it out, make a kind of sampler page to get started using that new material you just bought or got as a gift… This is a Evidence Page that I did in my current diary:

Evidence page in my Diary

E is for Evidence.

I’m using my new washi tape for the first time. I did this kind of documentation when I bought deko tape too.

Using your new materials in your notebook or diary is a way to keep some of it for yourself, as “evidence” that you once had them. When that particular roll of tape or other material is all “used up and gone” one day you can look back at the page and remember it. I think it makes new material feel more “your own”. It simply becomes part of your stash, your stuff, your repertoire!

You can try them out and see how they work on a page. Testing. Enjoying. Saving.

Evidence page in my Diary

Trying out all the tapes in my Moleskine diary and writing about them.

Washi tape is new to me. So what I mostly wanted to know on this spread was if you can write on the washi tape, and how transparent it would be if used on top of something else…

Washi tape detail in my diary
With my regular writing pen the washi tape is a bit too plastic to write on, but with a marker it will be easier. The transparency of the tape is nice, as you can see, and it is just what I was expecting. I think I will enjoy playing further with these tapes in all my books.

Here is another Evidence spread in my diary:

Evidence page in my Diary

In this evidence page I’ve written about the cool stuff that Paula sent me and I have used all of the fun deko tapes that Malin sent.

K is for kindness
K is for kindness.

Tape detail in my diary

I even recycled some of the packing tape on this page.

Tape from Malin my diary
Pink, pink, blue, red, oh you are so pretty my dear tapes. Let’s play some more, shall we?!

Make your own evidence page. Journal about where, what and why too (and maybe even how much), it’s easy to forget. What will you put on it?