Sometimes I just can’t resist cute stuff. And they beg of me to photograph them and share them with you guys, because yes, they are too cute not to!

Candy pattern photo by iHanna

For example, these three new fabrics (and one thrifted) came home with me recently:

Fabric I love
Loooove them!

A new plastic bag with a cram cream pattern that I couldn’t resist:

Cute Plastic Cram Cream Bag photo by iHanna
Mmm! Gum bears, lollipops and candy.

I bought myself a tiny and cute notebook (it was on sale) that looks like a magazine layout, plus two mini trays from Pop shop here in Umeå:

Kawaii Mini Trays photo by iHanna

I would love to find fabrics with patterns like the bag and the trays (super cute patterns if you ask me) here in Sweden, but no way. It’s no use even looking because they don’t exist here. I didn’t even know what to use the mini-trays for when I got them, but now I’ve come up with a few ways to use/display them. One tray is standing next to the sewing machine so that I can put needles in it and not have them roll to the floor. Excellent use!

Can you tell something about me by looking at these items? I think so.