Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.

Orange detail - Art Journal by @ihanna #monochromatic

The fourth spread in my Monochromatic Series, and the colour is happy orange.

I’m not sure if it is true but I heard that orange is the colour of creativity. When we see this colour it would makes us more creative… it might be true. At least I know for sure that it is a juicy happy colour. I’ve also read that it stimulates activity and appetite, and encourages socialization! Isn’t it cool what colours can do, hehe.

Orange makes me thirsty for orange juice. I can even smell oranges when I see the colour. Another strong image that comes up when I think about this colour are the smiling Buddhist monks I’ve met, all wrapped in orange cloth. I also think of henna, curry, saffron and other spices…

This is the orange spread in my Art Journal:
Orange Spread Art Journal by @ihanna #monochromatic

If you mix red and yellow you’ve got yourself a pretty orange. Try it out and let me know how it goes.

Here are some more details of this spread:

Orange detail
From my watercolours, mixes and hues.

Orange detail
Orange juice and hot sunshine…

Orange detail
Orange flowers that are almost yellow…

Orange detail
…and yarn scale from yellow to deep orange.