Lemonade homemade by mom in 2008, photo by iHanna

Mom has made red lemonade from a mix of red berries. We call it blandsaft, which means mixed fruit lemonade. I’ve designed the labels in Adobe InDesign and printed them on sticker paper that we cut out.

Summer is the time to fill up the well for winter, both in the food cellar and the inspiration well!

Things to enjoy in the summer:

  • Go for a slow meditative walk in the woods. Smell the forest.
  • Pick berries and eat them sunshine warm with your red stained hands.
  • Swim in the ocean.
  • Visit gardens, exhibitions and cafs. Bring diary, pen and/or a friend.
  • Go to markets and watch people in Foppa-shoes and t-shirt tan. Buy hand crafted items, candy and eat outdoors.
  • Take your crafts outside and breath the fresh air.
  • Bring out a blanket into the grass and lay down and read a book.
  • Take photos while the light is good and all the world is in bloom.
  • Find a flea market and talk with the vendors about whats on the table.

What are you doing this summer for fun? Do you have any special summer traditions?