Finally I have time to sit down and write a post about the realization of a since long due dream. A dream I’ve had for a couple of months now. It is becoming reality as you read this post!

I shop with mom

Finally it is here, a Internet shop of my own – and finally I have time to write about it after three long school days which made me feel old, tired and stressed out. In the three days I’ve also managed to finish a homepage for a company I’m working with right now, and started at my new book binding group (I’m so excited to try this new art form this autumn). I’ve also written an article about the upcoming election, and slept a couple of hours in between. And it has only been three days you know!

Anyway – yeah, the shop is open for real now.

This is so very exciting! Our shop is filled to the brim with unique, hand made, very special crafts and art from both yours truly and my lovely quilting Mom.

I shop with mom

I named the shop after mom, since she always inspire me! It is called I shop with mom! Please tell your friends, link to it from your blog or mention it in your groups or forums. The only thing lacking is customers right now. Hehe.

I could write a lot about the shop, but maybe you could do that instead? Write your opinions about the shop, anything goes. Comment away, order what you like or join the newsletter please.

I’m very eager to hear your opinions, and I do hope that you will find something to buy of course… :-)

Is there is something I could do better? Do you get confused? Am I crazy to only have English text (when I live in Sweden)? Is it confusing that the measurements is in centimeters and the prices only shown in US dollars – or can you handle it?

If I’d been as smart as Theresa I would have started a bit smaller, and maybe joined in at Etsy… Theresa recently started her shop rock paper scissors with 19 items. But no not me, nooo – I had to do all the design and have categories and about 3 photos of each item! And no, I couldn’t start the shop when I had added ten or twenty items of my own work. I just kept on adding and adding in secret, took photos of all moms quilted bags and totes, kept writing until the shop was overflowing with cat softies, quilted bags, craft totes, collaged art, paintings, bookmarks and amigurumi animals. Actually, I think there is about 50 or 60 items in there! Gosh, what have I created? It’s a monster! And probably mom will sell faster and better, she does everything perfect and neat. I’d grab a craft tote right now if I were you! I have three that Mom made and I use them for my knitting and crocheting projects all the time. Momcraft at its best!

If you are linking to this site (thank you so much!) or want to order something (wow!) let me know and I’ll try to assist as fast as I can.

Thank you for your time!