I gave stencil cutting another go, this time cutting out numbers for a mixed media piece I’ve been thinking about. Very Lynne Perrella inspired (and Michelle Ward too I guess) who is my favorite mixed media inspiration. Only when I cut the last line of the last number (9!) I cut myself and there were a lot of blood on everything, especially on the knife I was holding. Though it turned out to be a happy accident, wait and see!

Cutting a stencil

When I had my stencils I wanted to really play with them and my other art supplies so I set up a mini studio for once. I noticed how much I have missed this when I sat there painting, stamping, stenciling and playing. I miss having a desk of my own, a place of my own. I’ve been making a lot of collages in bed, but painting and messing things up is not fun in bed. I need a table and a room of my own to do it.

Creative table
Insence candles, acrylic paint, glue stick, pen, cutting board and knife for stencil making and dirty paint water. What else could a girl ask for?

Cork stamp
A cork turned into a round stamp – I loooove this stamp. I want to use it all over everything. So easy and so much fun.

And then, when the blood stoped dripping I took the plaster of and just noticed it had some small holes on each side. I had to try;

Plaster stencil
Ha! What about this stencil?

I preped my art journal with acrylic paint, some stencils and stamping:
In my journal
Love how these two pages turned out. Yummy!

This is how my painting/mixed media collage turned out:
Mixed media on canvas
Scanned image.

I hope you’re having a creative & happy day!