Taking time for what you love

Circles on fabric

I fell in love with painting on fabric when first tried it on fabric patches three years ago. I later used those patches to sew my Magic Mixed Media Bag, a bag I still use almost every day. Recently I got a compliment about it at a Knitting Café event. Only those who embrace creativity mention it, and I think that is interesting.

This piece of fabric is measured to fit one of my handmade journals once it’s finished, but it also serves as a reminder how much I love doing this! I love painting with acrylic paint on sturdy fabric. I need to experiment and play with it a lot more. And I mean a lot!

It’s easy to forget how much you love doing some things when you don’t have the time to focus on them, don’t you agree? I just bought a new bike this weekend, and biking makes me happy too. How could I forget?

I will try to make a list of all the things that makes me happy for summer activities. It will remind me to do a lot of different things when I have free time. To alternate is good. Bike some, snap a photo, paint some, sew some, take walks and make time for talking to my friends & family. It’s the balance between these and other activities that makes my days good.

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  1. I just hopped over to see your magic mixed media bag and WOWZAH… I LOVE it!!! I will have to dive into my fabric stash to see what’s left in there and try this myself… it makes me happy just to look at and I can see myself carrying a bag like that… now I only will have to make it. Uhhmmm.. do you got a bag filled with hours for me?!

  2. Hi Hanna, I love this piece. So yummi colours. I have been painting onto fabric myself lately and I use a bit of embroidery too. Very cool way to work.

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