Happy buss
Wanna join the happiness bus with me today? I’ve got a few photos from my recent walk to share. Photos of things that makes me happy!

I was out walking and brought my pink Ixus camera. I didn’t hop on the flower power bus but I snapped a photo so I could share it with you. Doesn’t it look like a happiness buss to you too? It’s a regular buss covered in flowers, a commercial for a paint store brand. I wish all buses would look like this, it sure would brighten my commute hours.

The globe window
A boring, closed off window – or a globe with a hidden map? I see what I see. Just sayin’.

Pink doors
Pink doors that was probably red once upon a time… I wonder where you will end up if you could enter?

Pink & worn
I took a closer look, and oh how pretty and wabi-sabi they are.

Spring 2012
The ultimate spring evidence! Now one again covering the ground with its white little heads. I love you, dear vitsippa.

Vita bjrn
Passing another cool vehicle called The Swedish Bear, with colours from the Danish flag.

I scream
And then, taking a break before heading back home again.

I’ve gotta go, kids! I bet you have explorations of your own to do now.

See you soon!