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Collage on bookmarks

I made bookmarks before Christmas. I think all of them turned out pretty well and I want to do more soon. I think I could probably sit for a week and make these, add little bits of paper, color, write a word here and there… Collage is one of my all time favorite things to […]

Luxury Knitting with Alpaca + Ravelry Thoughts

After yesterdays nerd post about blogging I’m back today as a creative knitting nerd. I started this blog with a lot of knitting, reading knitting blogs and writing about it. Since then my interested in other creative hobbies has broaden but my knitting is still going strong, especially now during winter. When I visited my […]

Flowers in the winter – a color boost

My grandmother needed some new plants, so we went to a big shop called Plantagen and picked out a few green ones for her. I had my camera with me as usual and I had a color infusion right then and there. During winter I sometimes forget how bright and beautiful flowers can be – […]