Bookmarks with collage

I made bookmarks before Christmas. I think all of them turned out pretty well and I want to do more soon. I think I could probably sit for a week and make these, add little bits of paper, color, write a word here and there… Collage is one of my all time favorite things to do. I love combining pieces of paper and create my art.

Bookmarks with collage

These bookmarks remind me of my Daily Art cards, but these are a step away from being just art because you can actually use them to mark where you are in a book. I like that a lot, because I love reading too! Though I still think they are arty – even after I laminated them to protect the surface. They are originals after all! Another way to produce these would be to print the scanned image and make that a bookmark.

Collage bookmarks I've made

Here are a few from the big pile I made:

Bookmark: Cameron Bookmark: Emily Dickinson Bookmark: Julia Cameron Bookmark: Simone Bookmark: Jung Bookmark: Pablo P Bookmark: Edvard de Bono

All of them have one of my favorite inspirational quotes, things said by cool people like Simone de Beauvoir, Emily Dickinson and Julia Cameron. They are for sale at I Shop with Mom, take a look and let me know if you would like to own one of these!