I’ve made several lists in my blog over the year but today I added a new category called passion for lists, and I can’t help it but the first one is filled with hearts! Sorry if you don’t like hearts and are ready to puke over my blog this week, but I will stop this ♥-thing soon. Anyway, a photographic list of things I love;

1. New notebook (♥)

K?rlek k?rlek k?rlek

Took a brisk walk to town today in the sun. Did a quick stop at ?hl?ns and picked up a new notebook and a pen! The notebook is just gorgeous with the word “love” (kärlek) all over in black and silver. The typing reminds me of Michelle Ward. I have been searching for just the right book to glue down images that inspire me for a while now. Craft ideas etc that I’m passioned about. A book of passion! And my passion is creativity and ideas for sure. This is the right book for me and I’ll start tonight!

2. Pile of postcards (♥)

Valentine Cards

Six beautiful postcards from the Valentine swap and a couple of other that I didn’t expect nor deserve! Thank you darlings!

3. Hello Kitty Valentine (♥)

I love Hello Kitty

Plastic love, a gift from mom. Also from ?hlens. Love love love it!

4. Alpaca yarn (♥)

Alpacka yarn

Five colors of Silke Alpaca from my friend Marika, plus her pattern for the cap I’m knitting. Yummy!

5. Romance in life (♥)

New reading material

A visit in the beginning of the week to Pocketshop where I walked around for a long time not knowing what books to even pick up! I haven’t bought a book in ages, but this time I choose 3 that I hope will contain some virtual romance for me. :-)

Blog things that I’m happy about:

  • My blog friend Linda is posting images of her two twin boys here and here! They are such small creatures and so beautiful!
  • Tine of has made a valentine postcard – inspired by my tutorial! Very cool indeed!
  • Cecile of blog Quilt Creations did a heart search around their house (that I suggested) with her children and had lots of fun! Look what they found! Plus she did a journal spread with hearts! fun! Keep em’ coming!
  • Smilla my cat got the biggest Valentine postcard as usual (the big red heart in the pile above), from this guy and his best friend. They are such charmers!
  • I was inspired this week by Andrea of hula seventy blog who has a category called I like to make lists [found via Ali]. Lists are the best!

Recently I tried to write a 100-list about blog posts I want to write. I only came up with 82 ideas – but that is a lot to work with! ;-)