Inspiration photo by iHanna.

I was sitting at a small market recently, when a family came to my table and looked at the items I have for sale. I had to comment on their beautiful perambulator top because the colours where so vivid and I’ve never seen anything like it before. It just lit up the room when they came in and this made me so happy. The squares where all colourful vintage fabric with fun patterns. It was made by the baby’s father (!) and this day was their first walk with the top on.

Imagine if more people would use colour in this way, how much happier and brighter the world would be.

Dare to be bold people; use colours, patterns, strange combinations!

I bet this pram will get lots of comments and make a lot of people smile.

I just had to snap a photo to share with you crafty girls. Isn’t this craft used when at its best?