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You know how much I love my DIY Calendar, right? And you might remember I made the 2014 calendar pages available as a digital download late last year. Having a real product really makes me happy!

I love my planner!

It’s now updated with a bunch of extras (for list and project management), pages that you can include in your calendars different sections inside the planner.

You can get the extra pages here, and read about what’s included in that download. Today what I wanted to share was some extremely awesome ways to use the calendar – by cool people who bought my calendar design!

Patty is one of many who bought the DIY Calendar pages from me. She is using a small binder that she has decorated herself. In a very inventive way she is leaving them with big borders so that she can collage the margins! I love how she designed her pages, so yummy!

Patty Radish DIY Planner 2014

Patty writes, in her post The DIY Planner of High Hopes:

iHanna made these pages for the particular size of planner she uses, but I made them work for me, I just didn’t trim them, easy peasy! Now, I have a bit of room to embellish and play!


Chris bought my DIY Calendar pages too, and sent me these awesome pictures of hers.

Photos of Chris of Parabolic Muse and her DIY planner pages by iHanna

The cover is made out of some thick card stock then covered with strips of decorative tape. I love how she has color coded the monthly overview pages for activities like birthdays, dinner and outings! And because Chris of Parabolic Muse is a rebel, and always full of humor. She is doing it her own way, which of course is just perfect.

Held together with a big binder clip, my planner is so flexible, because I can add or subtract sheets as I wish. My dastardly plan is to integrate this little planning calendar with the documented life journal. Once a week is finished, I can slap that completed planner page right inside my journal, showing, for all to see, the utter failure of the educational system to teach me how to print legibly.

I also spotted a glimpse of my planner design on Daire Charlotte’s instagram, which made me ridiculously happy. She is gluing each weekly page into a notebook. She sent me a few more pictures too:

Charlotte's DIY Calendar pages

Charlotte writes in her post Making My Planner:

First of all, I made little tabs for each month. I used my alphabet stamps on a piece of patterned card and glued to the top of the pages, reinforcing with some clear packing tape. Then I found some calendar pages that I love. There are tons that you can download and print for free, but I bought mine from iHanna’s Etsy store, and they’?’re just perfect for me! I really like the way they look, they have the right amount of space for me to write everything AND they have daily checklists to help you keep on top of your goals.

If you need more ideas on how you can make DIY Dividers, Jennifer of My Purple life has a great video tutorial that you can check out. She uses labler that is pretty neat, but I don’t own one. Read about how I made my Index Tabs here!

Lastly a look into Christina’s planner. She got her pages in Swedish (contact me if you’re interested in the Swedish version), and decorated them with paint and pretty papers:

Christina's g?r-det-sj?lv-kalender pages

I usually don’t blog other peoples photos, but today I had to make an exception (all published here with the permission of each maker). These are awesome.

Thanks guys for sharing them!

I think it’s amazing how different and awesome all of these calendars/planners are, all based on my simple calendar design.

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  1. Thank you so much for including my planner in your post Hanna! I have been getting so much done since working in mine, I had to take a couple of weeks off to regroup! But now I’m back to it. Who knew staying organized could be so much fun!

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