The most unusual thing in my “studio” (which is my entire home) must be my Chinese name stamp made out of hard wood. I got it in Taipei (on Taiwan) while visiting my friend Inger in 2003. She is moving back to Sweden soon, and I’m so looking forward to that.

My Chinese name stamp
Inger helped me spell my name in Chinese letters, and went with me to a local stamp shop and ordered the little tiny wood block that has my year sign, the dragon on top, and the shop owner hand carved my name at the bottom of it. When we picked it up a day later I also got a little leather bag to keep it in and a small lacquer box with red soft stamp ink. Wooha!

In China and Taiwan everyone used to have one or a couple of different name stamps of their own. They use them to sign official papers instead of a personal signature, and they are very valuable. In Taipei they sell un-carved stamps in every corner, from beautiful expensive stones to these wooden ones in different sizes and models. I could only afford a small one, but I love it so much. And the more art I do, the more I use it everywhere, as my artist sign for example! It is very precious to me, since I love both how I got it (♥ thank you Inger!) and where I use it – and also I love the significance of this little piece of art that has my name on it! That is just amazingly cool to me.

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