In the new year I’ve finished my forth art journal and started a fifth one. Starting a new journal is always fun – and scary, to me. You know what you had, but you never know what you’ll get.

Vrlden vi lever i - front
The previous once have been spiral bound blank books in two different sizes. This one is second hand book, thrifted for 1 SEK in Övik last year (March). It is called Världen vi lever i (The world we live in) and is printed in 1966.

I wasn’t sure I would like working with an altered art journal book, but so far I love it. I’ve been feeling inspiration every day to go make a spread (or more!) in this journal.

The pages are sturdy and filled with pictures. It’s a book about the evolution, explaining how everything works, from Big Bang to Dinosaurs and other animals being born later in the book!

The imagery inspires me, but if I get tired of clouds I just gesso paint over them and cover the whole page with my own stuff.

The book is rather big (one page is 8 x 11 inches, 20 x 28 centimeter), which I love. It leave me room for both paint, collage and some writing.

El Mundo - Jordens fdelse
El Mundo – Earth being born.

Sometimes I feel like a lonely little rabbit in the universe, with no chance to steer my destiny.

Mandala or what

This spread, Mandala, was an accident, with the two painted pages gluing together after I finished for the night. When I came back to the book I had to tear them apart, hence the look. But I liked it so I didn’t paint over it. I added a photo of a carpet and a globe (image from the book), and took a picture of it! Seeing it as a photo, before finishing was fun. I’ll try not to be so caught up in the process on another spread so I can take photos as the page develops. Would be fun to see it from start to finish.

C is for Challenge
C is for Challenge

More earth tones, inspired by the mountains on the spread itself wish was about how the mountains were born. Gives you a bit of perspective, huh? C is for challenges, climbing, creativity and cutting up magazines.

Can you tell I’m inspired right now? I just want to go back and do more all the time!