Alien I, II and III

Alien II made three white aliens this summer. Alien I, Alien II and Alien III. The other ones are at my flickr account with photos, one has a pink ribbon and the other one a black ribbon so that you can hang them.

I’ve sold one and have two left that I will put up in the shop. I love this soft material, but I don’t know what it is called in english?

Alien I and Alien III like my pattern, and the simple eyes of this little character. What do you think? Are aliens something you like? I was going to write a lot in this post, but I give up. I’m to tired today. Hope everyone is well.

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  1. Your little alien is adorable! Is the fabric some sort of knit? Like a t-shirt? It’s hard to tell from the photos. It’s very cute though!

  2. It looks like terry towelling fabric – soft interlock with a tiny loop pile, usually cotton ( or a cotton poly mix). These aliens are very appealing…so simple and graphic looking

  3. Hanna, my dear creative role model, I have a couple of meters of some stunningly beautiful ribbon to show you. Storloppis today you know, I think I’ll have to MMS a picture, I can’t wait til tomorrow!
    (I love posting messages in English!)

  4. Hur s?ta ?r inte de h?r! Du ?r s? duktig (om jag f?r anv?nda ett s?nt “pr?ktigt” ord)!! Keep up the good work!

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