It’s getting cold outside

The Cool PenguinThis morning my breath looked like smoke when I came out from our house. The days are still quite warm when the sun is out, but at night frost have been seen.

When I biked to town this morning I was thinking about mittens, and the many dark days to come. I wished I had already knitted a couple of fingersless mittens, but time is never enough. I also thought about that Sweden now has a new leader, a new statsminister, a blue one. It might be a new Sweden that we are meeting today. I hope it means a fresh start and not that we will be getting the blues…

Cool penguin
I started this mixed media painting a couple of months ago, after I finished the crow painting, but it was just recently I did the detail of the speach bubble, with chinese newspaper as background, and the eye, so that I now feel that the Cool Penguin is finished.

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8 Responses to It’s getting cold outside

  1. Lina says:

    Jag f?redrar din fina bl?a m?lning framf?r fyra bl?a ?r i Sverige (oroad).

    R?k ur munnen? Vad hemskt, det ?r ju bara september! B?st att du snabbar dig med vantarna :) Du har ju sytt m?nga fina vantar av filtade tr?jor, kan du inte g?ra ett par fingerl?sa? (jag skulle vilja se fler ullsaker fr?n dig, de ?r alltid underbara)

  2. Shell says:

    Oooh, it makes me feel all wintery, even as we head into spring. I really like it – it’s cute – don’t you love mixed media?

  3. malin says:

    Underbar bild! Kikade p? den skrattande kr?kan – den ?r ?nnu b?ttre! Jag n?stan l?ngtar till frostn?tter och r?k ur munnen… 25 ?r i Norrland s?tter sina sp?r, trots att jag numera ?r noll-?tta.

  4. Elena says:

    Hanna, where do you live in Sweden. Frost … burrr! Thank graceious we’ve still no frost in the Stockholm area! But perhaps I should start considering bringing in our olive tree and the scented pelargons from the balcony…

  5. he would make a lovely softie…and that blue ground, so did you do this?

  6. louise says:

    A great image that ties in so well with your thoughts and words.
    Cheers, LJ

  7. This is adorable!

  8. Georgia says:

    I LOVE this penguin. I lived for a year in Norway and I can relate to the scandinavian icyness it evokes. Except…you don’t have penguins there…but we do in Australia!

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