The Cool PenguinThis morning my breath looked like smoke when I came out from our house. The days are still quite warm when the sun is out, but at night frost have been seen.

When I biked to town this morning I was thinking about mittens, and the many dark days to come. I wished I had already knitted a couple of fingersless mittens, but time is never enough. I also thought about that Sweden now has a new leader, a new statsminister, a blue one. It might be a new Sweden that we are meeting today. I hope it means a fresh start and not that we will be getting the blues…

Cool penguin
I started this mixed media painting a couple of months ago, after I finished the crow painting, but it was just recently I did the detail of the speach bubble, with chinese newspaper as background, and the eye, so that I now feel that the Cool Penguin is finished.