There are so many paintings in my head

So many paintings in my head
There are so many paintings in my head. When will I have enough work space to put them together? Where will I find the focus to make them? I don’t know really.

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  1. Jag veeet – man har fullt upp med att bara hastigt skriva ner alla ideer p? kringflygande papperslappar med hopp om att dom dyker upp igen den d?r dagen n?r barnen somnat och golven bl?nker och allt i strykh?gen ?r mirakul?st sl?tt, vikt och borta! Och jag har nya rubberstamps h?mtade av v?n fr?n USA & nytt embossingpulver och jag hinner inte ens ?ppna paketet.. snart ?r det h?st och b?ttre fokus… kanske

  2. absolutely beautiful collage!

    i don’t know what’s worse…having too many ideas and no time/space to get them all realized, or creative dry spells! But i am very sure that all the lovliness in your head will find a way out!

  3. Hi Hanna, I love this collage. It’s great! I recognize what you are saying but don’t you think the other way would be worse :-)

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