Collage cube art by iHanna
Hey, look what I came up with!

Three collage art cubes that is now for sale on eBay! [edit: sold!] My first auction, I hope someone will want to play with these?

All three cubes are hard wood, collaged with shabby chic rose paper, original vintage handwriting, maps, Chinese newspaper and vintage Swedish magazine. I’ve put gel medium as sealing protection on all sides to keep it fresh and clean. Aren’t they cool?

What to do with them? you ask.
You can put them in your window, on your desk or a shelf as the art it is. But it is not a art piece that will always greet you with the same look. You can change it in thousands of ways like a small collage of your own. It is an ever changing artwork that you can both enjoy and play with.

I got the idea this winter when in bed, thinking of nothing, and was thrilled with the idea of art collage cubes. So fun! I’ve already made another set.

It took me a while to get some wooden square blocks (Maria made them for me). Then it took some weeks before I sanded the edges down and primed all sides with gesso. And after that… they sat for even more weeks on a shelf all white and nice. Kids visiting had lots of fun with them though. We were building watchtowers and tearing them down!

When I finally came around to decorating the sides in the way I wanted them to look I had lots of fun. You can view all the different sides and bid on these three art cubes made by yours truly iHanna at eBay right now!