Art journal peek: Circle Fascination

Circle fascination

I have an endless fascination with circles.

Inca guy and evil owl

It goes round and round and never stops. Sometimes I work with a form intentionally, sometimes I look up from my art journal page and to my surprise notice the same form everywhere. Here it’s the circle, reoccurring everywhere in different ways. Does this happen to you too?

Stomach human in circle

Punched out circle

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  1. Very cool, I think something showing up all the time in your work, means it is part of your personal visual vocabulary! I think circles are the start of everything :)

  2. These are fabulous- you do have circles all over it, even the washi tapes! I love circles, they are so amazing- a shape that can be found in so many things and stand by itself. It’s like the little black dress of art to me.

  3. I use circles all the time too (and hearts). They are so expressive. And with a bit of doodling, can easily be turned into all sorts of things.

  4. Yes. And I recently got GPP stamps in circular shapes, just like my first GPP stamps, and I also got the sunburst stencils. Can’t resist!

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