Thrifted bits of fabric  bought in Sweden in 2006
More second hand fabric. The red with roses has a bit of plastic feeling to it. The yellow swirls makes me smile. The white with rose stripes was a must-have, as the pink and gray 50th style fabric. Mmmmm!

Thrifting finds from last two weeks only:

Loppis behind Kyrkstugan one day! A small pink vase, that was to cute to resist. Looks so cute with flowers in it.

From Emmaus. A children’s Dymo with text strips in pink, green and yellow! Wooohoo, so fun!

From Kyrkstugan. Not a thrift, but a true find! Maria’s garden sticks, hand carved and painted. A present for my mother and father when I go visit them in July.

Not a thrift find, but cheap yarn from Obs. Pink, pink and white. A Hello Kitty something perhaps?

Take care!