Homemade Mondrian

I don’t really have the same taste in art as my fiancé, who has the painter Mondrian as one of his favorite painters.

Abstraction and cubism is not really my type of art at all, but when P painted his new long-board with a cool red-yellow-blue-pattern (Mondrian style) I suggested that he would take one of my canvases and make a painting too! He loved the idea of making a painting, and we both had lots of fun while painting together at the kitchen table. Masking, painting and planing is a the art form of these paintings!

This is his painting, hanging on the wall when you enter our apartment, together with a red love-clock that has got the time totally wrong:

Mondrian painting made at home

I did a Mondrian in my own style (with collage), but have no picture of the finished product yet.

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  1. Hi Hanna-

    Thanks for the picture advice. One of my new students, Victor, just so happens to be a web genius. I told him about my pic problem and your suggestion. He said he would help me! Yipee. And he said he would help with changing my theme and putting a little more personality into the site.

    I love your cookie picture- it looks so warm and bright. I just made chocolate chip cookies tonight. Yum.

    Thanks again-


  2. Tell him it’s great, I really love this and it looks really nice next to your heart clock. You’re so lucky that your honey is artistic!

  3. First off, I’m so inspired that you got your guy to paint! It sounds like such a fun time–the two of you at the kitchen table. And secondly, the pictures of things that smell good–what a COOL idea. It’s such a fun way to reinterpret something that is usually so mono-sensory. I’m continually inspired by visiting your site. :)

  4. I’m willing to pay a lot of money fot that amazing painting! Please tell your boyfriend to get in contact with me as soon as possible!

    /Art C.

  5. That is COOL! Showed it to Fred, my finac?, and this is really his cup of tea. I guess there will be a new painter in the house this weekend! (And it’s not me…)

  6. I am not to modern myself but that looks down right fun I think I will have to try. thanks for the inspire.

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