Blocking the baby cardi & cap

Knit for baby

I’ve finished the baby cardigan in merino wool and also a cap, which is the thing to the right on my ironing board, believe it or not. I will try to take time to sew these items together soon, or, well, the cap at least. I also need to knit the ribbons to tie the cap to the baby’s head, and ad buttons to the cardigan that is knitted in one piece. We’ll see if it turns out to something wearable for my fiances sisters baby that has not yet been born… Close up the cardigan has lots and lots of flaws, but the cap was easier and I’m now used to this tiny and very soft yarn. But it takes a looong time to knit anything in it for me.

I think I might do the scarf and the socks too, since I’ve got yarn left. Autumn is coming with cloudy skies and tea drinking & television watching nights. Yay for autumn, now I don’t need to care about my tan any more.

More knitting! I need more knitting, and it should be something fun. I wonder what I should do with this pink yarn that I’ve got. I really like Wave edge cardigan (or something similar and simple), but it’s in a book and I want to start now – and know the gauge and if the yarn I’ve got would be sufficient? Surfing for patterns is just so very frustrating when you’re a newbie knitter! I want somebody else to do the math for me!

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  1. That is a very cute baby set, and your knitting looks wonderful. I really like that green :)

    Thanks for your comment on my cardigan. It was great to hear from you!

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