Home companion

Now I’m back at my own lovely home and my parents, who came on a short visit this weekend, have been sent home again. Things are back to normal, almost – and I can lean back (after doing the laundry, cleaning up, sorting new and old stuff, etc etc etc today) and read the Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion magazine (march issue) that Stephanie sent me from the US. You are right Tiff (that’s what I call her – and she also blogs at Snurrhuvud, where she posts her drawings and Tifty’s hobbytable – go visit them), this issue is jam packed with eye candy that I adore! Thank you!

This issue is an artist and craft issue, with pictures of studios and creative peoples home. I love love love looking at studios and craft tables, and there is plenty of that in this magazine. Gotta love that.

Like these spreads:
Magazine spread



And Mary Engelbreit’s own studio:

Mary Engelbrekt's studio