Hey there! I’d never listen to one single podcast (and didn’t even know what they were about) until last week, and now I’m already crazy addicted! I did fall totally in love with Hearts Art Radio back when I found it, but it’s a homepage and the speakers on my laptop are not at all fun to listen to – plus I hated that I couldn’t move away too far from the computer.

But Podcasts are like radio in mp3-format. That means you can download what ever show you want and make it into a CD or even better, just store on your Ipod and walk around with! And it’s free! Yiihaa!


It’s been so fun to discover all the creative podcasts that are out there. Who knew they existed? I just wanted to post a couple of links today (and my reviews of the ones I’ve listen to so far this week). I’ve listened in bed, while going to IKEA in the car, while knitting a baby cap outside in the sun – and also while picking lots of berries in my parent’s garden! I love that I can be entertained and mobile at the same time.


Where I started listening

First I started with the CraftPod with Creative Sister Diane, who speaks of creativity and crafting in general and gives some history to crafts like felting and decoupage, which is fun. She also describes some projects to do, and I’m soo going to make a button bracelet (that she talks about in episode number one)… any time soon… She also recommend keeping a small Creativity Journal with you at all times, to take notes of what you see and hear for later inspiration – I already do that, since a year or two!

But her show is too short and there is only five files to download yet! Please make more, Sister DG! While waiting for more CraftPoding I’ve downloaded the available files from spinsterspin.com, her show about women who doesn’t bread or bride! I might try one of those things, some day… (?) but I like her show a lot even though I’m not single! For me it’s about great stuff like confidence, happiness, taking care of your economy – and celebrating life by taking care of yourself! We all need to hear it! I highly recommend her show (server is now down).

There is also ScrapCast, for scrapbookers (and paper junkies) everywhere. At the blog you, strangely enough, can’t download the mp3-files themselves. You do that here. I don’t scrap but I like listening to Lynette talking about papers, distressing and marketing a business of your own! You get a lot of energy by listening to this podcast, and Lynette is sparkling! I don’t want to go out and buy expensive papers, but I did pic up my Asia album! It has black cardstock pages and no writing or other ornaments – and our beautiful photos! Simple! I’m thinking of adding some journaling though, from my written diary of the time, to the pages… someday… That is credit to Lynette! (I’ve also listened to Franklin’s
Media Artist’s Secrets, which is good if you are looking to start your own business as well – but too much jingle and rush for me, and too little content in each show).


The other two craft related podcasts that I’ve found interesting are Annie’s Quilting Stash about life as a pro quilter (which is a little too personal for me; more like a blog than a show with tips and interviews, though I really liked her interview with a friends husband who bought fat quarters for his wife!) and KnitCast about knitting (where I’ve only listened to a few shows but really enjoyed the interviews with Amy Singer, founder of Knitty.com (we all love knitty right?) and designer Kate Gilbert, famous for her pattern Clapotis, which I wanna make soon too!). Maybe in pink?

And if you speak Swedish, you can check out P1’s Sommar in mp3-format! Nice to save for autumn walks and rainy days doing more laundry! :-)

That’s it. Now you know what I am obsessed with right now. I hope you’ll enjoy podcasts too – and that there will be more to chose from soon!

Take care until next time.