My heart on a Twig

My heart on a twig

Jag syr på nålbokenSince I recently was mentioned by Sharon in her great blog with lots and lots of great links, In a minute ago, (and yesterday again by my favorite surf queen Tuula – thanks!) I thought I’d update this blog of mine with some more pictures of crazy quilting, even though I haven’t made any new stuff this month.

Here is some detail pictures of the needle book that I mentioned before (that I made for my mum in October), explaining how it works and looks inside:

My heart on a twigI really like this detail, and call it “My heart on a twig”, a embroidery that came into my head when sewing on the needle book thinking of my mother.

More details

More details

More details

BouquetA bouguet of rose buds made by thin satin ribbon (3mm) and embrodery.

Needlebook wide open
Here you see the needle book wide open showing the white fabric, a loose weave that makes it easy to put the needles in a row.

Showing the rose liningAnd here I have folded the needle fabric together to show the lining of rose fabric (my favorite!).

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  1. Your needle case is very nice – it is obvious that you put a lot of attention to details. I would have been very touched if someone had offered me such a gift – your Mom must have been too! :-) I think that the fact you created this with pieces of fabric she gave you is adding value to it. Great work!

  2. i absolutely LOVE this – and totally want to try one of my own. you have a great eye for embroidery and do lovely work. i especially like the closeup with the funky flower buttons and embroidered purple flower. your mother must have cried when she got this. a great gift.

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