New log cabin pillowcases from scraps

What is it with me and log cabin pillows? I just love making it!

Quilted Pillow Cases

I’ve made a new batch with the leftovers from my pink quilt!

Quilted Pillow Cases

I love sewing fabrics together “in the round” which actually create this colorful and square. Log Cabin quilt designs are among the most popular and easily recognized of all quilt patterns. You start with a center shape (usually a square) and then traditionally you enlarge it by sewing strips in sequence around the sides of the square, varying the values between light and dark. Mine are always made out of scraps and not very color coordinated. The scrappy style is vintage and comes from recycling what you have left after other projects!

Quilted Pillow Cases

Quilted Pillow Cases The backside on the pink pillows is white with romantic rose print. This time I’ve made five new pillow cases all together, though one is not an actual log cabin but a mix of fabric stripes! I’m going to add all of these to my Etsy but if you’re interested in one or more let me know right now so I don’t have to etsy them up (upload and pay)! Three pinkish, one blue and one mixed is for sale for 23 U$D/each plus postage:

Five log cabin pillows

Quilted pillows

Pink details

If you want to know when I put them up on etsy please join my newsletter! I”ve been planning to send one out the entire summer so I guess I should just add it to my to do-list right now and then write one soonish… I send out information on updates just a few times each year for both I Shop with mom and my etsy shop, though I don’t update or work with these very much at all. I get so much inspiration when I sell something but it does not happen very often at all.

Thanks and have a creative week ye’all!

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14 Responses to New log cabin pillowcases from scraps

  1. Ravenhill says:

    Your pillows are beautiful and so well done! You seem to have some fabulous fabrics at your fingertips. I love the teacups one!

  2. iHanna says:

    Emily, thank you! I’ve been raving in mom’s stash! hehe.

  3. Carla says:

    Love your pillows. Scrap quilts are always my favorite! Love your art journal too, especially the way the staple looks like a clip in her hair. Thanks for the nice comment about my new blog design. I’m learning.

  4. So darling!! What beautiful pillows!

  5. celia says:

    More ideas to do with the fabric scraps!!!! Love it!

  6. zakka life says:

    the log cabin pillows are just beautiful!

  7. MissKoolAid says:

    If I could afford it, I think I’d buy just about everything you make! I love your colourful creations and I love that you use “what you have.”


  8. Andrea says:

    You are so talented! These pillows are beautiful. Wish I could buy them all!


  9. toni says:

    They’re like snowflakes — no two are exactly alike! :)

    But they’re ALL beautiful.

  10. Tracey says:

    Log cabin’s are one of my favorite designs. Do you just grab a fabric (in it’s light/dark value)and sew or do you try to plan what fabric goes next?

  11. iHanna says:

    Thank you sweeties!

    I don’t plan very much – I just grab what I think will look good next to the previous piece of fabric…. So it’s not made blindly, but not planning ahead either! I make something I think will be pretty and hope for the best!

  12. Serena says:

    They’re BEAUTIFUL!!!

  13. Karin says:

    Superfin kudde! Jag har planerat att g?ra en j?ttel?nge, nu fick jag lite inspiration!

    F?rresten, jag har gett dig en award p? min blogg! Kika f?rbi och skicka vidare :)

  14. Regina says:

    Hi Hanna,
    thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours! I LOVE these pillows. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any patchwork & my log cabin blocks tend to be traditional American type of fabrics. Your fabric & color choices are wonderful & romantic which I like very much.

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