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Irresistible Cotton Yarn

By total accident I happened to buy a whole bag of cheap and beautiful cotton yarn this summer when grandmother was visiting. I could not resist the pretty colours and it was time to try to make my first hexagon! I found a good description online and started to crochet round, and round… and I […]

When a tote is a cozy cat blanket

I got this cute tote for my embroidery stuff. Mom made it using a Gudrun Sjödn table cloth thrifted and cut up. I love the colors of my new tote! Pink, red and orange – the best combo ever! And green on the inside… Yummy! But my cat Smillis does not understand the concept of […]

Rainbow Ripple Afghan finished

I have finished the Rainbow Ripple Afghan that I’ve crocheted, and I’m so pleased with this project. But first: Tulips from my grandmother in my ripple afghan colors – I took this photo after I had taken these of the blanket / afghan: Yes, it is true. It’s finished. I have it around my shoulders […]

Cotton time when joining the ripple craze

Not a lot of blog posts here this week because I’ve been crocheting. On Saturday I went for a long walk (couple of hours long walk!). Lovely autumn air and in the middle I had a pit stop at a yarn/fabric shop where on impulse I picked up a couple of skeins of cotton yarn […]

January quilt project

When mom was here in October she helped me cut squares from some of the fabrics that I’ve been collecting. I noticed I had quite some fabrics in brown shades, so I decided to make a TV-quilt in browns. I really like browns, especially in a combination with other colours like pink and orange. Mom […]

A blanket by Aina

Found a great homepage today, made by Lori Joy Smith (through my daily visit to Loobylu). She seems to be a crafty and inspired person, now with a sweat little baby with a beautiful name! I will visit her site again! This is one of many crafty pictures from my photo diary, that I finally […]