365 Collages | Week 22 | Swedish Headers

The titles of these collages (no 148 – 154) is quite random, but the collages themselves are all themed around Swedish headers cut out of vintage craft magazines. I love the colorful look of these Swedish text headers, and I hope you’ll enjoy these new collages!

Here’s no 148 for week 22 of my 365 project:

From Summer to Easter - Collage no 148 by iHanna a.k.a. artist Hanna Andersson, Sweden #365somethings2018 #collageart
From Summer to Easter, collage by iHanna.

And here is the rest of them:

Your Guide to the Season - Collage no 149 by iHanna #365somethings2018
Your Guide to the Season, collage by iHanna.

Season of Crafts - Collage no 150 by iHanna #365somethings2018
Season of Crafts, collage by iHanna.

Never Ending Idea Maker - Collage no 151 by iHanna #365somethings2018
Never Ending Idea Maker, collage by iHanna.

Age of Pink Crafts - Collage no 152 by iHanna #365somethings2018
Age of Pink Crafts, collage by iHanna.

Dolls for a Friend - Collage no 153 by iHanna #365somethings2018
Dolls for a Friend, collage by iHanna.

Saving what was - Collage no 154 by iHanna #365somethings2018
Saving what was, collage by iHanna.

Thanks for taking a look at my Swedish text header collages, my dear! How is your art projects coming along? Do you have specific summer projects, or are you still on board with our 365 somethings? Please let me know what you’re up to in the comments below.

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iHannas 365 Collage project week 22 - collage 148 to 154 #365somethings2018

365 Collages by iHanna

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This project is part of my 365 Somethings 2018 and I call it 365 Collages by iHanna.

Bonus: Feel free to leave me a comment on a previous week 22 of collages, from back when I did a 365 project in 2013, in case you don’t remember it or didn’t read my blog back then.

Thanks for being here, and reading my blog and leaving me a comment below also letting me know which of these collages you like the best – and why? I’m curious & appreciate that a lot. :-)

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing your next batch with us! I think “Seasons of Crafts” is my favorite right now, but I enjoyed them all! You’re doing great on your 365 project! Wow!!

    We’ve been traveling a lot this summer (for work, a wedding, and an early celebration of our 10th anniversary), so I haven’t been crafting as much as I usually do. I’ve been making an occasional card for upcoming birthdays and weddings, did 33 Project Life pages of our anniversary trip (it’s been 6 years since I’ve done Project Life…and now that I’ve done it again, I remember how much I enjoy it!), and I completed my cross stitch I take traveling, so I’ll start a new travel cross stitch next week. Hope your summer is going well!!

  2. Hi Hanna!

    Those collages are so fun! Love love love the Swedish headers! I don’t have a favourite because they all have something interesting.

    I’m way behind on my 365 Somethings but I plan on getting back to it after ICAD is over. I even blogged about it today, after a break of almost 6 months!

    As always, you are such an inspiration!

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