Spotted Photo Theme: Winter Trees

My Christmas tree
One thing that I really like about Christmas is the tree. My favorite kind of fir tree is the snow covered tree, growing in the forest. So far there hasn’t been any snow at all where I live (last night it was raining for two hours!), but I’m still picking the fir tree as my spotted photo theme of December. It’s a winter tree, don’t you think? You can pick any Christmassy theme you like of course!

What themes do you spot in your photographs? Join the fun: Spotted Photo Theme - inspired by iHanna at Wanna join me? New to my prompt “Spotted Photo Theme”? Then read my Introduction to the Spotted Photo Theme Idea, and feel free to post the link to your Spotted Photo Theme of the month below in the comments. Use my theme, or tweak it to fit what you have photographed. Link back to me by text or using the spotted theme-button, thank you for helping me spread the word. Last theme was street art, in the comments there are some awesome participants to check out!

Smilla under the Tree
Smilla in 2007. Such a cute cat, at least until she started to climb the tree and made it fall to the floor…

Outdoor Christmas tree
The lit Christmas Tree outside my building the first year I lived here. You understand why we need these kinds of lights here in Sweden, right?

One year I took the time to decorate the tiniest tree in the “forest”:

Christmas tree
I love everything tiny. This is the fir tree that lives in the Märklin world built for tiny humans and trains.

And in 2012 I drew a Christmas tree.

Christmas Art Journaling 2012

You can see how I decorated it in my post on Christmas Feeling Art Journaling.

Looking through tree photos I also spotted this one, from Umeċ:

Light tree
More light in the darkness of northern Sweden.

And some new photos, taken this week at my evening walk:

Ice baby ice
I spotted a new sculpture on the canal, made to look like ice. It looks horrible at day time, but lit up in the dark I kind of like it. And closer to town I spotted a huge Christmas tree:

Christmas Tree 2014

It is almost impossible to take good photos at night without a tripod, but I tried. I sat at a bench taking this one, trying to support the camera so it wouldn’t move too much. I think it turned out okay although not perfect. And if you can’t take a photo without blur you can always take a blurry photo on purpose…

Bokeh decorated Tree
Then it’s just bokeh! :-)

Lastly, in our odyssey of Winter Trees, this must be one of my favorite tree photos ever, taken in heavy snow fall in Trondheim, Norway:


A little snow, a little light, a little bit of Christmassy feelings and a lot of Swedish night…

Wishing you all a beautiful continued December month my friends!

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  1. Your trees really contribute to the holiday spirit! I am getting excited to have some snow around here. That Norwegian tree photo is lovely!

  2. Trees are a great holiday post – and I can see why that last image is a fave – it’s a gorgeous tree and well photographed. I’ll be going through my Christmas pics tonight, looking for a theme……

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