Start: Chrismassy December Journal

We are well into the last month of the year, December. In addition to gingerbread baking and window decorating I think you should consider making yourself a December Journal. It really brightens the mood, and makes the days a bit more merry. I’ll show you a few ideas from my December Journal in this and a few upcoming posts.

Merry and Bright Christmas Papers

The first part is collecting Christmas themed papers, which is something I have done for a few years and as of late, I keep them in a separate place for days like this. There are lots of used wrapping paper, some saved postcards and also scrap book paper I cut into the size of my December Journal.

December Postcards

I add in bit of this and that. Some are not at all Christmas themed, but have a wintery or christmassy feel that makes them feel right for this project, for me.

Playing Card Santa size
This is a actually a santa shaped playing card that I got recently. I think it’s both cute and funny, so I’m sticking it in there. Though I’m not sure if I’ll use the sewn heart tag I found in my stash (made this Valentine):

Because I ♥ Christmas

I might use it, I might not. Though I’m thinking that this December Journal is going to be more pink and glittery than my last one. I’m embracing my love of pink, even for Christmas!

December Journal Extras
Some fun stuff I want to use: die cut stars my friend Christina gave me from some kind of subscription craft kit, the gingerbread man book page that Katie once sent me, and a scratch-and-sniff-postcard that smells of oranges. Mmm!

December Journal Close Up

So once I have a pile of papers all together I start cutting the pages from the larger scrapbook papers. I’m making this themed journal 19,5×15,5 centimeters (7.6 x 6.1 inches), which is just a tad bit bigger than the December Journal I made three years ago. I sewed a lot of stuff to the pages as I made the book the last time, but this time I’m to lazy to bring out the sewing machine. I’m using a regular glue stick to add in stuff, and lots of decorative tape of course. I’ve been working on loose pages for now, but later I will spiral bind it all together and show you the result.

I’m very much looking forward to using some of the pink Santa’s that I have for the cover. Here you can already see two of them (from a crumbled piece of wrapping paper) on a scrapbook-paper-page:

December Journal Detail: Pink Santas
Love them!

I think all Santas should be pink, don’t you? Thanks for visiting, I’ll be back soon with more creative merriment. Until then, take care.

PS: If you feel like making Christmas collages the last three kits of yummy one of a kind papers left in my Etsy Shop (see kit 2, kit 4 and kit 5).