Cut out Tissue Strips

Who doesn’t love and adore tissue paper? It’s available in so many pretty, bright colors (and patterns!) that my collection is still growing. I use it all the time, and thought I’d share a quick and super fun idea to play with today.

You start by cutting out strips of different coloured tissue paper, then you glue them down to create a colourful collage background.

Matte Medium as Glue

Randomly glue the stripes down on a white (or painted) paper in one direction, letting some overlap others to create new hues and colours!

I always use gel medium or decoupage glue (not a glue stick) for tissue paper. I paint the glue to both the background and then on top of the tissue paper, once it is placed down. In this way it turns even more transparent and all wrinkles are removed by your paint brush.

A Green tissue paper collage

You can use your striped tissue paper as collage background paper (that’s what I will use mine as) or take more care and create a pretty postcard or journal background or… anything you like!

Yellow and red tissue paper strips

You could also scan your new tissue collage and play with the colours in Photoshop, to create similar but different patterned papers:

Bright added to tissue paper red yellow
Much brighter!

Tissue paper turned Turquoise (edited)
And in blue and purple!

Let me know if you try this and how you like it. What’s your favorite tissue paper play?