Art Journal number 17: Creative Discovery

Paint discovery
My new journal for the year.

Instead of writing this post I’v been sitting here looking at stacks of journals. I had to walk to the bookshelf to take out older volumes, and check dates and years in them. I thought it was time to figure out what number of Art Journal I’m on right now. My conclusion is that the handbound pink-orange is number 16, worked in from January to December 2011. I’m naming it Coming Home in arreaers.

I love naming and numbering my books. In that way, with a pretty label on the spine, I can easily sort them in chronological order (though some overlap and are worked in during the same time period) on the shelf. I will find what I’m looking for easier and I enjoy the feel of continuity in my life. I do the same thing with my written journals.

Paint discovery

The new one, Art Journal number 17, is an altered book about Columbus, printed in 1966. It has glossy pages, something I’m not sure I like at all, but will try to work with because finding these big books with thick, mate pages in local thrift shops is becoming harder and harder. I will give the glossy pages a try. I’ve made a quick collage on the front cover but nothing on the spine (I usually paint it white to cover the original title and have a cohesive look in the shelf!) or the back yet.

This is one of the spreads that I’ve already filled with colours:

Paint discovery
Making a pattern with paint. Trying to discover where the next form will fit.

I’m naming this journal Creative Discovery, in advance this time. It’s a name that could fit almost any Art Journal, but I’m hoping it will lead me to new findings in the new year.

What journals will you fill this year?

Happy New Art Journaling Year!

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  1. Hanna…love the rich colors on this spread. Your feather stitchery is lovely…and thanks for the tip about the pen below…I’m always on the search for yet a better marking pen. Have a great art-filled new year!

  2. oh, hanna, this is absolutely gorgeous! love love love the colors, swirls, shapes, and patterns, both the cover and the pages.. i so wish i could spend some time browsing through your journals – with sixteen filled ones to look through, i think i would just about explode from inspiration. thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Hi Hanna,
    I get your blog as an email. I just love what you have done with the free style circles or doodles. You might be interested in Traci bautistaFREE class with Strathmore
    Paper. It is very interesting and your work reminds me that you are so far above the over 2000 people taking the course. It is all on video and it is for a month.
    I just know you would love being part of it and your talent is amazing and refreshing.
    I just wanted you to know about the class.
    I really liked how you did the composition notebook journal. Very nice. It is the Strathmore Workshop.

  4. What a lovely art journal!
    Already off to a great start, I see :]
    I am working on creating an alter book/filled with pages from THE BOOK OF DAYS 2011- with Effy Wild.
    The group is really great… such inspiring ladies.

  5. Gorgeous cover, Hanna! Can’t wait to see how you fill up your new journal! So exciting!
    Big hugs,

  6. Hanna, what a wonderful, colourful start to a new journal!!! Everything you make puts the biggest smile on my face. Your art is happiness. True!

  7. Hanna, I love the colors on the cover of this journal…definitely something I would love to pick up and work in all year! Your colorful spread is so beautiful and energizing…I can only imagine how fun it was to play with paints and create!

  8. Your blog is a treasure. I`ve read many of your posts and will return. Your art journals are divine. I love primary, bright colors.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comment. I wear a small glove to keep my hand warm when I sew. It helps.


  9. Wow! That’s a beautiful painting!! A great start for your journal. Thanks for all the inspiration, I’ve been reading here for years, and it’s always interesting andfun!

  10. 17 ? That is amazing !

    I work continuously in one journal until it is full, not really paying attention to the year. They are amzing documents of moments of my life though, and I love them ! I recently said that if I had to leave my house in five minutes due to a fire or something, I would grab my kitties and the dog, my lap top and my art journals. Irreplaceable and much loved.

    Thank you for sharing your process so generously and openly with us all the time, Hanna. You are amazing !
    Happy New Year !

  11. Oh, to be so organized with my journals! I never named any. I must do so.
    The first one this year is the sketchbook projects, because it’s due soon. It’s really freeing me up. Sometimes it’s nice to just lay things down and see what they do on the pages. This spread you’ve made is SO fantastic. I love the colors and flow! Everything looks alive on them.
    take care Nice catching up a bit with you.

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