TAST week 1: the flying stitch
The flying stitch. I’m trying it out for the first time.

I read about TAST, the Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge arranged by Sharon of Pin Tangle, on Natalie’s blog and was imidiatelly intrigued by the idea. TAST 2012 When I went there to read about the first week’s stitch and learned that it was such a simple one as the Fly Stitch I got the urge to try it. You can see my first wobbly stitches above, white crochet thread (I think) on black cloth. I loved it! I just want to make more fly stitches now! And the closed fly stitch, that you stack closely together so that it creates a filled leaf or to create a frond.

TAST | Take a stitch Tuesday

It’s one of those challenges that includes everyone:

The challenge is to either learn the stitch if you are a beginner or
If you are an experienced stitcher take the stitch a little further. Push the stitch in a creative manner.

By my attempts above you can see that I’m in the first category, but I will be inspired by those in the second category, again like Natalie, who made this awesome fly from fly stitches!

I’m considering how to document this challenge. I was thinking about making a sampler of some kind, where I’ll add all the stitches I make in neat little rows. I have a thrifted table cloth that might work for that. But perhaps I should go the crazy quilt road and sew little pieces of different cloth together to create a more colorful and unusual “sample” of stitches. It was just a fun idea I got. We’ll see how I feel on Tuesday when the next stitch is announced.

What challenges are you going to give a try this year?