Sweet Darkness Art Journaling

How sweet the darkness is
Art Journaling page: Oh how sweet the darkness is.

Lately I’ve created a few darker spreads in my altered book a.k.a. Art Journal, probably influenced by all the Halloween seen around on your blogs… I wanted to be a bit “ahead” and post this ghostly spread before Halloween but alas, that didn’t happen. I very much dislike when that happens. I have so many posts planned ahead in my head but then I don’t have the energy (or time) to edit the photos, upload them to flickr and make a post to let you all know about whats up with me. But why grieve what didn’t happen? Better move on and do the best of what we’ve got. And my wee ghosts are sweet all year around! :-)


The background for this black spread is very textured, so much so I couldn’t write with anything but paint. I created the background for this spread in my class Layers of tissue paper for 21 secrets. Isn’t it yummy?

Painted ghost in my Art Journal - smiling

Yesterday two of my tweets got a lot of re-tweeting, and when that happens I understand how cool Twitter can be. I tweeted Juju’s wallpapered fridge and alerted newbee art journalers to Spooky’s awesome give away for an Art Journaling Starter Kit! I’m more old skool I guess, but if you are new to art journaling you should enter, and also subscribe to Spooky’s blog, it is a blog full of inspiration!

Spider in a spiderweb

I’m reading a romantic fantasy novel) that feels appropriate for the season. And now it is weekend again, how nice!

Charlies pumpkins
These Tim Burton-inspired pumpkins was created by my awesome cousin Charlotta!

I wish you a creative and joyful weekend!

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  1. Thanks for promoting my give-aways! I always get a ton of hits whenever you mention me! I love your Halloween pages!

  2. aw, I can’t get enough of those two cute ghosts on your journal page! and Charlotta’s pumpkins are awesome!

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